Bulletin Boards

Bulletin Boards is a type of website where people can have discussions about a variety of topics.


Throughout the 1980s and early 90s, Bulletin Boards were a way in which people could communicate online before it became a part of everyday life a decade later.  The Boards themselves were compiled purely out of text, as this was before the introduction of the Graphical User Interface, they will now have a more modern layout than before.


Reddit works in the same way as a bulletin board, it is almost built completely out of text (aside from small photos), anything like a video from Youtube, Vimeo will be provided as a URL rather than embedded onto the site itself.

Underneath is an app I use for Reddit called “Reddit is Fun” which allows the interface to work on mobile devices, it is very easy to navigate.

To get onto a thread on the home page, all the user must do is press what appeals to them and bombs away. To comment they must press the description at the top and press REPLY.

To find an entirely separate thread, press the menu bar at the top, this will lead to a labyrinth of different topics that are limitless.




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