Asymmetric digital subscriber line


A connection that is provided over home telephone lines. It’s systems within the United Kingdom are owned by British Telecom, meaning you would need to rent your phone line to BT in order to use ADSL. It is the popular type of broadband, this is due to it’s accessibility and easy set up. Once it is set up, a microfilter integrates within your phone’s connection, this segregates the phone’s frequency from the broadband connection, allowing for users to browse the internet whilst the phone is being used.

Packages of ASDL can give users the opportunity to use it on other networks. This is called Local Loop Unbundling, a process where secondary providers use their own software in telephone exchanges and then borrow and swap space from BT.

The service provided by ADSL is of a very high standard; but if you live in an isolated area away from your local television exchange or have a faulty cable, the connection can become very slow.



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